Australia's internet isn't good enough. That's why we do what we do.

The solution is here, and it's wireless.


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The bainchild of two Brisbane guys demanding the very best from their internet service, Switchnode exists to improve the internet of Australia and bring people the digital quality of life they’re looking for.

Starting with the greater Brisbane area, we believe that wireless connections are the solution to our country’s problem, bypassing the aged copper network and breaking new ground in a whole new way of thinking.

Internet through the air is only getting faster with each generation of technology, while internet-enabled devices are making homes and workplaces smarter all the time. Switchnode sit on the cutting edge.

We help businesses, and residences connect to the internet and manage their phones and telecommunications. We supply internet solutions to niche industries such as elevator companies, and motor homes, and in between we do lots of fun tech stuff.

We’re all about helping people, fixing Brisbane’s internet and making telecom better for everyone. We like taking away pain points and making people’s lives easier.

Make sure to say hi and let us know how we can help!


  • A new way to do internet, replacing your traditional internet with a superior wireless alternative. We consult and demonstrate everything along the way

  • Managed telecommunications solutions; review your telecom bill, your internet connectivity and digitise your phone systems.

  • Niche industry solutions. Elevators, motor homes, and camping solutions. We all need internet.

  • Agricultural solutions: farms and regional areas need tailored solutions that the city folk don’t.

  • Affiliated network and IT support

Rubigo Pty Ltd


Switchnode is a business of Rubigo Pty Ltd, a new type of technology company excited to bring the latest and greatest to the Australian People.

Included in our brand alongside Switchnode are Rubigo Manufacturing, Rubigo Media (Including Scary TV), and Lad Santa. These are all evolving and will take on a digital footprint shortly, so keep your eyes open for more of our exciting ventures.

Lad Santa

Lad Santa

Live the Christmas look in style! Lad Santa brings cool to a hot Christmas Summer!

Our Lad Santa clothing line takes off every Christmas and you can see why!

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Once named Australia’s Worldskills champion in his trade and coming fourth place overall in the international competition, Rusty is more than a talented sheet metal fabricator and tech expert. As if that wasn't enough!

He started his first company in his teens and since has worked for the likes of Facebook, Makerbot, and UNSW. You might have seen him in the local paper when he was heading overseas to study mechatronics, or to represent Australia in his field.

His speciality is technical integration and brings a world of energy and passion to telecommunications and Switchnode.



Nathan brings a completely different experience to the team. Nathan now works in finance managing multinational accounts by day and Switchnode by night.

Tech and startup business are big passions of his, and starting Switchnode brought an exciting challenge to top it all off.

He holds a diploma of financial services, a BA (English Literature), and graduate certificate in commerce.

tyler face.jpg


Our lead technician and resident IT expert, Tyler is a network systems engineer and is basically really good at making computers talk to each other.

He tackles the most difficult digital issues and will likely be the guy to pop in at your house to set up a new wireless system.

Tyler holds a Bachelor's degree in IT and has spent seven years working in software and infrastructure management. He is a master of making the complex understandable.

charitable partners / charitable donations

We're only a young company but we believe in supporting those who need it where we can.

Moyes Boys Football Club Brisbane

Moyes Boys Football Club Brisbane

We believe in supporting ventures that support the furthering of humanity's knowledge and interconnectivity. Noone meets that definition better than Wikipedia.

Switchnode are proud sponsors of theMoyes Boys Football Club awards.