internet solutions for agricultural use

Working in an agricultural setting can have all kids of challenges; you need a connection at your homestead, but also to power your internet-enabled devices potentially kilometres away and in a wide range.

Whether a standardised device or a bespoke setup, contact us for the solution that's right for you.


Switchnode’s farm internet solutions in partnership with the University of NSW featured on landline


at the Homestead

You still need a good connection at home, not just on the property.

We can actually beam your one internet connection so that it's usable in multiple places.

out in THE FIELD

Internet is tough when you need it to connect to the camera at the water tank, or for gate controls.

Internet, no matter where you need it.


It's rugged

Designed specifically for fields and farms, it's a case of set and forget.

it's powerful

With solar panels and battery backup, it's built to tackle everything thrown at it.