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An inefficient internet setup costs your business time, productivity and money. Take the step with Switchnode and ensure the optimum service and pricing for your business.

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The best in internet and telecom

You deserve something better than what you’re being given. Your business can reap the reward of faster and more reliable internet systems.

Disconnect your slow and unreliable traditional internet, get your internet connection directly through the mobile network with a service provider who actually wants to know your business and maximise your productivity.


All of the speed, none of the drama

Switchnode centralise your telecommunications needs, meaning one point of contact, one bill, and no hidden surprises.

Take back your time and productivity and let your trusted advisor manage the process for you.

We will work with you or your IT professional to integrate whatever needs to be done and leave you to what’s important - managing your business.


The Product

Switchnode’s business solution, the Novus, is designed specifically to optimise your business:

  • Customised wireless modem - designed specifically for business security and reliability

  • Router - a powerful router included, plus the option of integrating with a mesh router system for larger or disrupted work areas

  • Remote support - Switchnode can remotely perform service, implement upgrades, test your speed and more if required

  • VoIP compatible - the Novus is designed with your phone systems in mind

  • Portable - requiring only a single cable, this can be taken with you as your work requires

  • Static IP - features can be included for your business needs

  • 5-star support - Switchnode local support included

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optimise your network

Whether you need VoIP systems, assistance with your hardware, or specific internet needs, we will help you out.

Contact us and we’ll walk you through our free telecom review.

local support

We do not outsource our support, with our team all locally based in Brisbane

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