So your internet is slower than a herd of snails. You need something better than what you’re being given.

You want an alternative to the NBN option. You want something fast and trustworthy.

Switch to wireless and connect your home or business to the mobile network instead - get all the speed and none of the drama.

Contact us and we’ll help get your internet connection sorted.


Internet for your home

See the difference in speeds you can have in your home - all by switching to a wireless system.

Whether gaming, browsing the net, study, or streaming video, we believe you should be able to do all these things with speed and high quality.


So there’s no need to worry about it; we’ll make sure it’s all working and in tip-top shape. If you’re in the greater Brisbane area we’ll visit, provide a free speed test and make it all happen for you.

It’s all customised to your place; what you want and what you need.

google wifi

with real service

Ongoing internet service - We’ll handle it for you month-by-month and deal with your internet service provider for you so you don’t need to stay on hold with them for half your life.


Give us a call or send us a message and we'll have a chat!

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The standard setup includes a wireless broadband modem, 4g wireless aerial, and a Google WiFi unit, installed and tested for you in your home.

Devices are also unlocked, which means you can do whatever you want with them; they're not just tacky hardware that comes with a data plan.

With special features

With Google wifi units set up you can monitor use by device, keep up to speed with detailed analytics, and rest safe with Google security.

And the cost?

Costs can be as low as $100 a month with no money down. Everyone’s situation is different, so contact us and we’ll discuss what will work for you.

wireless fast internet roof mount signal booster aerial

But my situation is different

Whether you need an antenna on your roof, or a mobile phone signal booster, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves.

Let's talk it through.

how does wireless internet work though?

It's just like using the phone cable infrastructure but through the air instead, and it's usually faster!

Check out our blog post on the subject if you'd like to know more.

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