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Google Home


Google Home is designed to deliver a hands-free smart speaker experience at home. To get started you simply need to say 'OK Google', then you can ask questions and get answers, enjoy your favourite music, set alarms or timers, control your compatible smart home devices, or even start streaming video content to your TV. It works with your compatible device and existing WiFi network so you can start using it right away.

  • You can ask Google Home questions and receive real-time answers including the latest weather, traffic, sports, finance and more.

  • It is compatible with YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Play Music and more, making it easy to play and control your music.

  • Google Home can also set alarms and timers for you, or give you updates on your calendar schedule.

  • You can use it in conjunction with your Chromecast and Netflix or Stan subscription to stream videos right to your TV.

  • Compatible smart home devices including lights and switches can also be controlled by Google Home.

  • Google Home connects to your existing WiFi network, then you can control it by simply saying 'OK Google'.

  • It is compatible with devices using Android 4.1 and higher, or iOS 8.0 and higher.

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