Slow internet can be a thing of the past


Welcome to Switchnode, your gateway to high-speed internet and the home of the future.

Slow Internet can be a thing of the past.

Forget your old copper phone cables. Switchnode provides the cutting edge in wireless broadband technology through the air, straight to your home, business ,or wherever your travels take you.


Home Internet

Your home Internet does not need to be limited by old telephone technology.

You can skip all those issues and take you speed to a world-class standard.

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smart Home

The magic of home smart technology can be at your fingertips in moments.

Stay on the cutting edge of the newest marvels, and bring benefits of an automated smart home to your living room

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Keep your WiFi connection on the road.

A  4g connection is all you need to keep a WiFi connection with you wherever you go.

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Farms and rural areas often need heavy-duty solutions and the carriage of signal over long areas.

Your situation is unique and you need a solution to match.

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Cut the chord and join the wireless movement

With over fifty services running, Switchnode are tried and tested. Getting started is easy!

Make the switch and change your internet situation.

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