Slow internet can be a thing of the past

Welcome to Switchnode, your gateway to high-speed wireless internet and the alternative to the Australian NBN.

Whatever your internet needs, you’ve come to the right place.

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Internet for your home and business

You deserve something better than what you’re being given. See the difference in speeds you can have in your home or business - all by switching to a wireless system.

Switch off your slow and unreliable traditional internet and get your internet connection directly through the mobile network with the five-star Switchnode service thrown in.


All of the speed, none of the drama

We set it up for you so there’s no need to worry about putting your new network together. And if you’re in the greater Brisbane area we’ll even visit, provide a free speed test and consultation priced at $100 and make it all happen for you.

We help you manage your usage, and provide the ongoing service and support you need. You shouldn’t have to spend half your life on hold with crummy internet service providers; we’ll handle all that as well.

The Switchnode Unit

The Product

Switchnode’s leading solution, the Nexus, is packed with features:

  • Wireless Modem - compatible with the cell towers used by every provider in Australia

  • Mesh unit router - market-leading routers able to extend mesh WiFi coverage, with the best security and features

  • Remote access - Switchnode can remotely perform service, implement upgrades, test your speed and more if required

  • Design - it’s a gorgeous feature, not an eyesore

  • A single cable - a space which is usually a mess of cables will stay clean and clear

And the cost?

Our most popular plan is $100 a month for 100 gigabytes of data, including the nexus hardware with no money down.

That’s on par with an ADSL or NBN plan, but with all the Switchnode benefits!

And even better yet - take it with you with no moving fees. Take it around the country if you want - as long as you have a phone signal you can have WiFi.

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But my situation is different

Whether you need an antenna on your roof, a mobile phone signal booster, VoIP for your office or other telecom services we have professional proven solutions to fit your needs.

Let's talk it through.

how does wireless internet work though?

It's just like using the phone cable infrastructure but through the air instead. It’s usually much faster than your ADSL setup, and better than slow NBN plans.

Check out our blog post on the subject if you'd like to know more.



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Switchnode does not offer priority assistance services for people with life-threatening medical conditions. If this is a requirement, please refer to Telstra, or your nation’s leading telecommunications provider.